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Now, more than ever, businesses have to communicate with potential customers and clients through platforms such as Google My Business (GMB) in addition to paid ads on platforms like Instagram & TikTok

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Quick answers to commonly asked questions.

We take pride in providing transparency to our clients and strive to maintain clarity in everything we do. If you’re not ready to contact us but have a question, you may find answers here.

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Why work with C2?

Why C2 Digital Marketing?

With our team having over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field- we have helped customers big and small create beautiful and custom websites as well as help improve SEO positions for their company's organically and through paid avenues as required.

Where is your team based?

Although our office is based in Toronto, Canada our employees are working remotely around the clock to serve your needs. In person consultations are available upon request.

What is your web design process like?

Our web design process for new clients always starts with a comprehensive discovery phase- whereby we can conduct in-depth research and discussion with you and your team- with an idea bout your brand, target audience and ultimate goal. Then we can help create a tailored web development strategy; giving a visual representation of your website structure and layout. Through iterative design reviews and client feedback, we ensure the entire process involves a collaborative approach, resulting in a final product that aligns perfectly with the client's vision and delivers a seamless user experience.

What will my project cost?

This is probably the most commonly asked question! Just to give you an idea- our website development services can vary- depending on how custom of a web development project you have. We are not the cheapest, but you will find that we are also not the most expensive!

With regards to SEO services, our prices are tailored depending on your industry competitiveness, company's presence online, etc.

For a more accurate price- please fill out our form on the contact page or schedule a call below!

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes! Contact us to learn about tour website maintenance page- this way you can be sure that

How can I get an estimate for my project?

Click our Contact Page or schedule a call below!

What industries or types of clients do you work with?

Over our years of experience we have had the privilege of working with clients in a range of industries- from construction, technology, beauty, e-commerce stores and more!

Can you fix my existing website?

Absolutely! Contact us so our team members can be in touch with how we can help

Who will be working on my project?

Someone from our talented Web Development team or one of our digital marketing experts will be guiding you in the process from A to Z- ensuring you are only dealing with one person that is competent and available at the reach of a finger!

Do you offer search engine optimization services?

YES! In addition to Website Development, Search Engine Optimization services are our bread and butter! We specialize in this service, employing cutting-edge strategies and techniques to enhance online visibility and organic search rankings for our clients whether thats improving your presence locally (Local SEO) in your city/municipality or nationally!

Furthermore, we have successfully helped numerous clients significantly increase their website traffic and revenue, establishing a strong online presence and driving targeted leads to their businesses.

Do you use templates in your web design and development?

Websites and designs are made CUSTOM to your need. Once you send us a list of requirements and website samples you like- we can come up with the PERFECT website for your business!

Do you offer any digital marketing agency services?

Absolutely! In addition to SEO and Website Development, we have a team focused on Email Marketing, PPC Ads Management (Google Ads Toronto , Instagram Ads) and Social Media Marketing!

Do I really need SEO?

A quick and resounding YES! You need to make sure you are constantly optimizing and improving the content on your website- especially as Google releases Algorithm updates, penalizing those without helpful and in depth content about their product and services!

Do I Need Paid Ads?

Yes! Google Ads Toronto services and other platform advertising can be especially crucial for businesses looking for immediate impact and heightened exposure while waiting for their website's SEO authority to grow. In the fast-paced digital landscape, where visibility is key, paid ads provide instant placement on search engine results and online platforms. This swift visibility is especially valuable for new ventures or product launches. While SEO efforts take time to mature, paid ads ensure a strong online presence, capturing the audience's attention as organic search rankings improve gradually.

What eCommerce development platforms do you work with?

C2 Digital Marketing has gained many years of experience working with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more others over the years! Contact us to see the type of work we have done

How do I apply for a job at your agency?

Be on the look out for our postings on our career sections. Please note that only selected individuals will be contacted for further information!

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